Split Filesystem for PHP

About resolved issue

I need to use something where around 60,000 files with average size of 30kb are stored in a single directory (this is a requirement so can’t simply break into sub-directories with smaller number of files).

The files will be accessed randomly, but once created there will be no writes to the same filesystem. I’m currently using Ext3 but finding it very slow. Any suggestions?

Filesystem large number of files in a single directory - bugmenot77, voretaq7

This file storage solves this issue simply - it creates virtual layer between file system and application. Every path is converted into path which is composed from many directories which contains only small amount of sub-directories.

If you wish to store 1 000 000 files in single directory, this file storage converts paths and stores them in tree-structure. Every directory contains only small amount of directories and files (depends on configuration).


  • Can store a huge amount of files in single directory
  • Naturally protects files outside the storage
  • Every user can has separated and isolated file storage
  • Fully compatible and based on League\Flysystem


  • Real file structure is not user-friendly

Usage of php-splitfilesystem

Standard usage


use League\Flysystem\Adapter\Local;
use League\Flysystem\Config;
use PetrKnap\Php\SplitFilesystem\SplitFilesystem;

$optionalConfig = new Config([
    SplitFilesystem::CONFIG_HASH_PART_LENGTH_FOR_DIRECTORIES => 3, // up to 1024 sub-nodes
    SplitFilesystem::CONFIG_HASH_PART_LENGTH_FOR_FILES => 2, // up to 256 sub-nodes
    SplitFilesystem::CONFIG_HASH_PARTS_FOR_DIRECTORIES => 1, // 1-level sub-tree
    SplitFilesystem::CONFIG_HASH_PARTS_FOR_FILES => 3, // 3-level sub-tree

$fileSystem = new SplitFilesystem(new Local(__DIR__ . '/temp'), $optionalConfig);

$fileSystem->write('file.txt', null);
$fileSystem->update('file.txt', 'Hello World!');

printf('%s', $fileSystem->read('file.txt'));

foreach ($fileSystem->listContents() as $metadata) {

How to install

Run composer require petrknap/php-splitfilesystem or merge this JSON code with your project composer.json file manually and run composer install. Instead of dev-master you can use one of released versions.

    "require": {
        "petrknap/php-splitfilesystem": "dev-master"

Or manually clone this repository via git clone https://github.com/petrknap/php-splitfilesystem.git or download this repository as ZIP and extract files into your project.

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