What can I do for you?


  • Design, implementation and administration of sophisticated software systems
  • Regular code-reviews and consultations for teams with a lack of senior members
  • Administration of micro-service docker servers not only in Kubernetes clusters


  • Design, implementation and administration of Kubernetes clusters and x86/ARM servers/computers
  • Providing Off-site Backup Service
  • Technical support for your current hardware


  • Trainings, courses and workshops
  • Regular and one-time consultations about software development and hardware choosing
  • Reducing cost of long-term development and maintenance of software and hardware
  • Security status reviews and improvements
  • Help with third-party software

Who am I?

Semi-passive Conservationist

Member of Born Free Foundation, sponsor of Big Cats Campaign and semi-adopter of three tigers: Roque, Jasper and Gopal.

Software Developer

Skilled backend developer which is capable to help with frontend. Open-source maker with public account on GitHub. Someone who offers his knowledge to you.

Dev-Ops Engineer

Builder of clusters and servers based on Kubernetes, Docker and Ansible. Linux and Windows administrator, scripter and user.

Hardware Fan

Administrator of multiple Raspberry Pi and virtual servers. Creater of PC designed for work, gaming and mining. Maker of secure WiFi Mesh and private N2N and OpenVPN networks.

Graduated man

in Information Technology (Ing.) from FEI UPce
in Information and Control Technologies (Bc.) from FAI UTB
in Elektronické počítačové systémy from SPŠ Trutnov

Ing. Petr Knap

/ 08167940 / tmer95b