Petr Knap's Notes

Encrypted QNAP TS-228 in OpenVPN network #solved

We bought QNAP TS-228 as simple storage for @netpromotion some time ago (we also bought Synology DS216se as backup, but it’s even worse choice than TS-228). The role of the NAS is storage for employees, so the TS-228 looks as great solution for it (in theory). Now we know that we should have bought a HP ProLiant MicroServer instead. So if you are planning to make storage for your company, please use standard server instead of NAS.

Wait for multiple #XHR with #JavaScript #Semaphore

If you are playing with XHR, sometimes you need to wait for many small requests. Sure, you can have separate callback for each request, but sometimes you need to wait until you load full dataset. Of course you can use modern ways like promise, but there aren’t supported everywhere.

Turn on the #retro light #Tesla #LED

WARNING: I’m not an interior designer. All walls in my flat are white. My wooden furniture has natural surface (only clear varnish) and metal parts are matte black. And finally my hardware (TV, PC, monitor, speakers, printer,…) is also matte black. But even that simply designed flat can be unique and comfortable if you choose good lighting.

Organize your #music by markers and #PHP #CLI script

Do you have any favorite songs, songs for relax, work, etc.? If yes, how do you organize your music? Do you prefer to use folders or playlists? If playlists, how do you sync it between devices and keep it up-to-date? I tried many ways before I started to use markers. So let me introduce markers to you.

Get a #Bootstrap device by #JavaScript

When you are creating responsive site, sometimes you need to separate non-touch and touch handlers. Sure, you can have both handlers at same time or detect mobile devices by JavaScript directly. But it will be cool to detect only Bootstrap device if you are using Bootstrap. It eliminates the problem when your JavaScript and Bootstrap detects different devices.

Cast je favoriete entertainment naar je tv #chromecast

As Microsoft sheep (and Android hater) I never had reason to try Google Chromecast. But the price, 50 USD with TAX in Czech Republic, was very interesting and when I was selecting new television I had to decide: To buy “smart” TV or “just” TV with smart “box” and which smart “box” to choose?