Turn on the #retro light #Tesla #LED

WARNING: I’m not an interior designer. All walls in my flat are white. My wooden furniture has natural surface (only clear varnish) and metal parts are matte black. And finally my hardware (TV, PC, monitor, speakers, printer,…) is also matte black. But even that simply designed flat can be unique and comfortable if you choose good lighting.

Light bulb

There are plenty of lightning sources from old-school light bulbs to super cool modern LED panels. My first choice was 10W LED panel from Teslux. The light was bright and white, but it was a problem for me - I don’t like this kind of light for relaxation. I love coldest light, the yellow one. After hours of browsing I found a Tesla CrystalRetro bulb.

Tesla CrystalRetro

The Tesla CrystalRetro is beautiful bulb with yellow light. It has shape of old-school wolfram light bulb and the light has the same temperature (2700K). All electronics is hidden in the base of bulb. Only 4 filament strips and transparent skeleton are visible in the bulb.

When I received first bulb I met second problem - my luminaire was too ugly for this bulb.


As you know, I had 2 options when I was choosing material for my new luminaire - bright wood and black metal. But I was worried about black luminaire, so I choose wooden one - an EGLO COSSANO.


The EGLO COSSANO is simple spherical pendant luminaire cuted by laser from recycled paper with bright wood texture. The metal parts are made from aluminium and as isolation is used decent beige plastic.


Luminaire with bulb

The result is biblical. I really love the play of light and shadow on the ceiling and walls. Now I have 2 identical EGLO COSSANO luminaires with identical Tesla CrystalRetro bulbs. I’m enjoying every evening and night with the light on.