How to make #DIY CPU air tunnel?

I needed air tunnel for my new Ryzen 3 2200G APU, so I was doing a little research some time ago. There was any cheap air tunnel on the EU market at this time. Because of that I made it myself. Do you wish to made it too?

What we need to prepare

  • computer case with perforated side wall
  • old or broken fan
  • empty plastic bottle
  • knife
  • ruler
  • glue like thing

Assembled air tunnel

If the computer case has not perforated side, please don’t make air tunnel. In this case use tower cooler combined with rear exhaust fan.

Let’s do it

  1. open the computer case
  2. measure distance between top of the CPU coolers fan and the side wall
  3. cut a piece of bottle in needed length
  4. carefully extract the motor with blades from old or broken fan
  5. insert the piece of bottle into fans frame and temporary fix it together (f.e. by paper towel)
  6. try to mount it and check if there is enough space between it and coolers fan (f.e. 5mm)
  7. if the end of bottle touches or is nearly to touch the coolers fan, shorten it
  8. stick it together by glue like thing (f.e. by glue)
  9. you did it

Don't forget to check it

Don’t forget to check the position and length of the tunnel.

It works (in my case)

CPU air tunnel

The package temperature decreased from 76°C max / 73°C stable load to 72°C max / 68°C stable load, which means less noise from cooler. The boost frequency increased from 3693MHz max / 3393MHz stable load to 3693MHz max / 3418MHz stable load, which means nothing. The main side effect of this cooling solution is reduction of temperature of whole system, not only the CPU temperature.