Mathematician solves #TrickyEquation... or shows basic equation our lack of knowledge?

Tricky equation 8÷2(2+2)=? has been puzzling people on social media for days. Many people believed the answer is 16 while others were convinced it’s one. FEMAIL consulted mathematician Hannah Fry to find out which answer is correct. – Daily Mail Online

The (2+2) in brackets is easy enough to deal with - it’s equal to four. But then what does the rest of the equation mean? Is it 8÷(2x4) =1? Or is it (8÷2)x4 = 16?

The fraction forces whoever is writing the equation to choose. And be clearer about what they mean in the process.

So the answer then is that both one and 16 are correct, depending on how you interpret it. – Hannah Fry, Daily Mail Online

She shows us two different forms of original equation: 8/(2*(2+2))=1 and (8/2)*(2+2)=16. Which one is correct?

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BODMAS=1 – Buzzbat, Barkham, United Kingdom

So lets use BODMAS to get the true answer (1).

  1. Do things in Brackets First: 8/2*(2+2) = 8/2*4
  2. Exponents (Powers, Roots) before Multiply, Divide, Add or Subtract: can’t apply
  3. Multiply or Divide before you Add or Subtract: can’t decide
  4. Otherwise just go left to right: 8/2*4 = 4*4 = 16

So it looks very clear - the answer is 16.