Is #SymfonyLock acquired if it is acquired? #Symfony

If you are using symfony/lock you can see acquired lock as not acquired. Method isAcquired simply returns state of the instance. If different instance acquired the lock, your instance will return false.

use Symfony\Component\Lock\Factory;
use Symfony\Component\Lock\Lock;

/** @var Factory $factory */
$lock1 = $factory->createLock('lock');
$lock2 = $factory->createLock('lock');

$lock1->acquire(); // true
$lock1->isAcquired(); // true

$lock2->acquire(); // false - lock is already acquired
$lock2->isAcquired(); // false - THIS INSTANCE is not acquired

function isAcquired(Lock $lock): bool 
    if ($lock->isAcquired() || !$lock->acquire()) {
        return true;
    return false;

isAcquired($lock1); // true
isAcquired($lock2); // true

The method isAcquired has name that will confuse you. You can’t use isAcquired if you need to know if lock is acquired.