Use Qualcomm #aptX on Microsoft #Windows

Do you like good audio quality and wireless headphones? Then you need Qualcomm aptX, but it’s not that easy to have it on Microsoft Windows as it should be.

I found compatible hardware and software after a long research and many fails: Bluetooth card Intel AC 9260 as part of GIGABYTE GC-WB1733D-I and compatible audio driver for Intel AC 8260.

How to install

  1. Let Windows to install drivers from Windows Update service
  2. Extract audio driver for Intel AC 8260
  3. Install extracted Intel Bluetooth Audio.msi
  4. Pair compatible headphones or speakers, I used Haylou GT1 Plus
  5. Install missing A2DP driver manually via Device Manager from %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Intel\HPWA\drivers\ibta2dp.inf

The last step is optional, do it only if system didn’t do it automatically. If everything is working you will see wireless headphones or speakers with a microphone as two devices (hands-free + stereo) and true wireless headphones or speakers with a microphone as four devices (2×hands-free + 2×stereo).

aptX powered by Intel

If everything works, reboot your computer. Then you will see this notification and everything is done.